Welcome to Taxi Vama Veche Website

Taxi Vama Veche is the service that you need when you want a comfortable and safe transportation to any destination on the Romanian and Bulgarian beach. We are close to you in any moment, only a phone call away. All the cars from our autovehicle park are new, consist of 7 seats, being equipped with a climatronic and wi-fi. We took care of absolutely every single detail so that your necessary comfort will be assured.

Our services that we put at your disposal are varied. When you ask we even organize trips to other touristic attractions on the Romanian beach, in Bulgaria or transfers between airports Otopeni and Kogalniceanu. For great distances we offer discounts up to 50% from the standard fee we offer, according to the number of kilometers traveled.

We are specially prepared to honor all the orders received at the peak of the season. Every moment of the vacation spent with the loved ones on the beach is precious and you surely do not wish to lose time calling to no response or waiting on a car. We assure that we are trustworthy partners that you can count on, regardless of the hour of the day or night.